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Residential Care Home for Seniors

Your parents deserve love and proper care. However, with your busy schedule at work and other daily activities, you may have no enough time for your parents. Fortunately, we are here to back you up! Residential Care Home For Seniors can offer a comprehensive care for your beloved parents.

About Us

Harmony Guest Home can be your best partner to support your parents’ needs. We offer love and care for the retirement community. We are based in Hillsboro, Oregon, and feature a Memory Care Endorsement for elders. We are serving the elderly ever since 1993. With our extensive experience in the industry, we already know the best techniques to make the most of our services.

As the leading assisted living facility in the area, we check every detail of our work to avoid disappointing our clients. We treat our seniors like our own family, so we promise you that we will give them the highest quality of service that they need.

We have a responsible team that works with dedication and honesty. We work with integrity because we value the trust and respect of our clients that we have established with our persistent effort for many years. We greatly care for seniors that have Alzheimer’s, Dementia, and Memory Loss as well as those who need assistance for their daily senior living. We understand how much you love your parents or grandparents, so we guarantee you that they will be treated in a respectful and best possible way. We are passionate about caring for our seniors, so you have nothing to worry about our service. We work with professionalism and passion. This is us.

If you have any questions about Harmony Guest Home – (503) 648-3413 email: info@harmonyguesthome.com

Why Choose Us?

We are unique compared to other residential care homes. We have the best programs to help our residents enjoy a happy, dynamic, and satisfying home-like environment. The comfort and safety of our seniors are our top concern. So, we only implement a holistic and most efficient approach to keep them safe and comfortable in their daily living.

 Quality care

With us, you can expect the best for your parents because we always give a higher level of care that can help them experience a happy and comfortable lifestyle. Every resident is special for us, so we give our seniors with comprehensive care to meet their specific needs daily. The quality of our service is a source of our confidence and pride, so we continue to enhance the quality of our work to make you and our seniors smile.

Professional and approachable team

Here at Harmony Guest Home, we have a team that is dedicated to helping our elderly experience satisfying, comfortable, and healthy living. We will accommodate the needs of your beloved father or mother from beginning to end. We have a friendly and patient staff that can adequately care for the elderly. We know the needs of our seniors, so we assist them in their needs to help them get the satisfaction that they desire. Working as one team, we make sure that our family homes can help to improve the lives of the elderly.

 State of the art facility

We have state of the art facility to ensure the quality of life of our residents. We also encourage independent living among our clients because we want them to experience the highest level of happiness and satisfaction with our services. We have the complete facility to keep our seniors healthy and safe with us.

As a leader in the care community, we never stop to develop more alternative solutions to improve the quality of our service. We also offer more personalized care programs which vary depending on your chosen care plans for your elderly.

Our Services

 In-house podiatry

We promise to give top grade care facility for your parents or grandparents. Quality is life is essential, so we only offer excellent services to give them a beautiful and joyful life.

In-house psychiatry care

The challenge of aging can be stressful. Well, don’t worry because we will help our seniors to maintain mental well-being with our healthy and satisfying care programs.

Religious  services

We also want to enhance the spirituality of our residents through our religious services. With us, the elderly can still have a union with God with our programs.

In-house doctor visits

The health of our seniors is also among our top priorities. So, we ensure to give them skilled nursing facilities that will allow them to feel good and look good on their independent living.

Complete  pharmaceutical services

We care for our residents, so we offer comprehensive health services on a 24/7 basis. We want you to have peace of mind about the health condition of your elderly, so we take responsibility to maintain their good health.

Medication management and administration

We have excellent medical care for our residents. We don’t want to disappoint you when it comes to the care and health needs of your loved ones. That’s why we ensure that we only offer them the best healthcare personnel that will monitor their health status. With us, you don’t have to worry because the health of our seniors is our priority.

3 well-balanced, home  cooked meals daily plus nutritional snacks

It cannot be denied that proper nutrition is an essential factor for the health of an individual. With this, we have decided to bring only the delicious and nutritious foods for our residents. We want to promote a long life to the seniors, so we accommodate their eating needs for a healthier and more active lifestyle.

Personal laundry, daily housekeeping service

Our board and care homes are organized and clean for the comfort and health of our residents. We have a regular housekeeping service and personal laundry to maintain a clean and orderly lifestyle among our clients. We also assist on bathing and dressing for our seniors. We respect the privacy of our clients, so we give them private rooms by choice to enjoy a hassle-free lifestyle.

Beauty parlor with beautician on call

It is a fact that most of our elderly are still conscious of how they look. Fortunately, we can offer the seniors with beauty parlor with beautician on call. With this, the seniors can feel younger and happier with how they look. We always want the best for our residents, so we continue to discover the best care programs to help the elderly enjoy a happy and quality life.

Specialized activity program

Our home residences also offer specialized activity program to keep our elderly active in their everyday life. Our specialized activity program will allow them to socialize with others and feel a sense of belonging that can avoid anxiety.

Access to primary care physician

As a trusted company in the senior  living communities, we give our residents easy and full access to primary care physician. Thus, their health, comfort, and safety are essential for us.

Games, Activities and Fun parties

Our seniors have been working hard on their younger years, so we promise to pay off their hard work by offering fun parties, activities, and games that can make them happy and relaxed. We will help them to experience a high level of fun and entertainment that can help them to release stress and tension that can be bothering them. We conduct recreational activities to make the elders happy and attain peace of mind.

Residential Care Community Staff

Our Residential Care Community is saddled with the responsibility of providing our staff with a formidable platform of continuing their education, trainings, and classes.  All staff attends a community based in-service classes regularly as well as other classes the community offer.

Our home care services staff are well trained and equipped, thus making it possible for them to identify physical as well as emotional changes.  Apart from this, they plan and implement care using the best practices possible to ensure that our residents live a happy and meaningful life.

Nothing beats the honor of being given the opportunity to make a positive difference in the lives of our clients who are under our care. Of this, we are very proud of.

At Harmony Guest Home, we are more than just your regular residential care home. If you consider us your home away from home, you are absolutely right. With more than 3 decades in quality older adults and elder care, we become one of the safest and best go-tos as far as home and dementia cares are concerned weren’t a mirage. We offer a wide range of convenient amenities and medical services. At Harmony Guest Home, caring for your elderly loved ones is a guarantee you can be sure of.

Unlike some home care, our residential care home or those within the greater community of Hillsboro, Oregon, are opened every time for visitors who desire to spend quality time with their loved ones. Why we are more than just another Hillsboro elderly residential care community is better experienced than imagined. Take a day off and come have a firsthand experience of what this feels like.

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Do you plan to offer your parents with exceptional residential care? Then, it is an excellent decision to contact us today. We have a complete care program to help the elderly enjoy life while getting old. Our programs are aimed to add more life to the years of the elderly. If you have inquiries about our services, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are an open business here, so you are always welcome to avail of our services. We are happy to produce more satisfied customers, so you can always rely on us. Do you want to give your parents a beautiful, happy, and quality of life in their retirement? Then, partnering with us is the perfect solution. Contact us now!

Harmony’s Owner and Administrator

Lucy Gallarde graduate with a Bachelors Degree in Social Work in 1981 and with the assistance of her spouse, they bought Harmony home in 1993. At the time, they had a total of 16 residents and 4 caregivers.

Since then, Harmony Guest Home has grown over the years to become a care facility with a level of care for the elderly that is second to none and today; we have 62 residents and 48 staff. With a burning desire for helping the elderly, she envisioned a tranquil environment where care for older adults with Alzheimer, dementia as well as seniors with other physical and psychological needs could be achieved.

This vision gave birth to Harmony Home, and with a burning desire, she assisted in building a team of medical professionals and well-trained staff that set the standards of comfortable living