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Residential Care Community Activities

Residential Care Community activities are vital to help build and maintain relationships among seniors including the staff, learn new skills, give an opportunity to show talents, keep senior’s brain sharp and most importantly improve their health. Activities are important for everyone.  As we age, we need more activities to help keep our brains and body healthy.


Here are some of Residential Care Community Activities:

Dancing  – Not only a good exercise to increase strength and balance but according to study, dancing lessons depression, reduce stress and risk of dementia.

Gardening – Have our loved ones put their green thumbs on and show their care for nature. It’s a fun activity that improves mobility.

Yoga or light work out– yoga is widely practiced for health and relaxation. It increases the efficiency of the immune system, refreshes mind and spirit that will lead our seniors to a better mood.

Book Club – Reading books is a good way to stimulate the brain and if you share it with others with the same interest that will really be wonderful. Help our seniors stay sharp and make new friends!

Bingo – It is a common activity inside senior care homes. Aside from social interactions, fun, and excitement this activity gives, it also improves seniors mental alertness.

Ice cream social – Who does not like ice cream? From the happiness it brings while eating it, it also gives time to socialize with other seniors and build relationships.

Listening to live music – Music changes someone’s mood whatever type of music it may be. It gives calmness and even sometimes make us think of happy thoughts. Let our elders listen, sing and enjoy life!

Aromatherapy – A practice that use natural oils extracted from flowers, barks or other parts of a plant. This will not just help improve our loved ones mood and make them feel relaxed but also has been proven to help with memory which will benefit those with dementia.

Cooking lesson – Who doesn’t like good food? And is it not fun if you cook with others and share? Seniors living alone may see this as a day to day chore. But inside the assisted living community, they will see it as a fun activity!

Monthly birthday celebrations – Have our senior loved ones celebrate another year to be grateful for inside assisted living!

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our Residential Care Community in Hillsboro, Oregon.

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