Residential Care

We know that you will agree when we say that:

To most seniors, moving into Residential Care Community can be VERY hard and oftentimes, they will have the tendency do things to delay the transition.

The Striking FACT:

Any type of change is NEVER easy. Seniors often feel that moving to a Residential Care Facility will lead to loss of their independence however, the TRUTH is, most residents have expressed that they’ve actually utilized their independence within the assisted living community .

“After moving here, I’ve learned to do things on my own but with all the available assistance I need, it’s fun living here in Harmony Guest Home knowing that I am not alone nor being denied of doing what I love.” – Martina Walter, 67.

Want to know the BEST part?

A Residential Care Community is NOT THE END of senior life but the start of a new chapter where the quality of life is improved as you face the challenges of aging.

24-hour care assistance is given to residents within a Residential Care Community. While independence is always encouraged, peace of mind for both residents and families is attained by knowing that help is available whenever the residents need it.

This means that:

  • You’ll have the pleasure of a maintenance-free lifestyle.

All the assistance you need will be within reach. Residential Care Home help on housekeeping tasks such as repairs, bathroom cleaning, and even doing your laundry and any other chores. With these, you’ll surely experience a hassle-free living.

  • You’ll have more fun in socializing with others while achieving physical fitness.

Residential Care Home considers the importance of social interaction as part of quality life. Building relationships and having new friends are essential in seeing yourself as part of a productive and warm-hearted group by participating in group mealtimes, parties, and even occasional tours. Another great thing is that you’ll have easy access to physical fitness that will encourage you to be more active hence reducing your risk for falls.

  • You’ll never have to worry about safety, comfortability, and relaxation.

Equipping your current house with special safety stuff so you can move freely without the risk of falling can be expensive and troublesome. This is why Residential Care Community is arranged specifically for the safety and comfort of seniors. In addition to this, help will arrive in just minutes when accidents occur.

  • You’ll enjoy life while aging healthily.

Get the pleasure of doing activities that you like best, receive meals that are customized according to your choices and dietary needs and get to spend your time on fun and recreation. Plus, all your healthcare needs will be attended to (e.g. medicines, therapy, check-ups).

What’s the bottom line?

Being able to ENJOY YOUR LIFE as a healthy senior is the most important benefit of moving to a Residential Care Facility. Have the comfort to stay independent while being able to receive a helping hand whenever you need it. Assisted living will makes a lot of difference in the way you see the quality of life. Here, you’ll receive the proper care you need and so much more.