Memory Care

You want the best and innovative Memory Care for your loved one and that you definitely understand that they need more focused care than what you can provide at home. And now, you might be looking for an answer as to where you could find a safe and harmonious place to send him/her so he/she could be in Memory Care facility that best suits their needs. 

“Caring for someone with Alzheimer’s is a stressful job. It’s an emotional roller coaster of love, hope, anger, guilt, loneliness, and sadness.”The Alzheimer’s Information Site

When you have so much on your plate, you might experience a troublesome day to day coping. And even though there’s a lot of support groups out there, you as a family member would feel the need for professional help on the caring of your loved one who is having memory impairment.

But what does “best” memory care REALLY mean?

In the past, people with cognitive impairment are receiving the same basic care as the residents living in assisted living residences.

Today, in the modern world, scientific studies have come up with the knowledge that seniors with memory problems are in need of a more personalized approach making way to advanced methods for memory care.

A senior residential care facility like Harmony Guest Home is one proof that innovative memory care is emerging. With 40 years of providing excellent care for seniors, it has gone through advancements as the years pass by, giving our residents a progressive level of care. With years of experience, we developed not only the physical surroundings of the facility, itself, but also the service we give to our residents.

The “best” memory care facility should feel like home, and that’s what we do best.

The result?

  • Residents with memory impairment are provided with a person-centered approach, depending specifically on the level of memory problem they have.
  • Improved alternative therapies are conducted to stimulate memory, cognitive skills, and communication.
  • Absolute safety is our top priority.
  • Medication management and assistance are performed around the clock.
  • Our structure built are NOT based on luxury but on comfortability, safety and homey ambiance especially tailored for seniors with cognitive problems.
  • The delicate job of taking care of our beloved residents are done by professionally-trained caregivers who connects with them personally with compassion

Now get this:

If you see that providing quality memory care to your loved one can be more challenging in the coming years, you might as well think of the best way to give him/her the quality care he/she deserves.