Our Staff

Our Residential Care Community is saddled with the responsibility of providing our staff with a formidable platform of continuing their education, trainings, and classes.  All staff attends a community based in-service classes regularly as well as other classes the community offer.

Our home care services staff are well trained and equipped, thus making it possible for them to identify physical as well as emotional changes.  Apart from this, they plan and implement care using the best practices possible to ensure that our residents live a happy and meaningful life.

Nothing beats the honor of being given the opportunity to make a positive difference in the lives of our clients who are under our care. Of this, we are very proud of.

At Harmony Guest Home, we are more than just your regular residential care home. If you consider us your home away from home, you are absolutely right. With more than 3 decades in quality older adults and elder care, we become one of the safest and best go-tos as far as home and dementia cares are concerned weren’t a mirage. We offer a wide range of convenient amenities and medical services. At Harmony Guest Home, caring for your elderly loved ones is a guarantee you can be sure of.

Unlike some home care, our residential care home or those within the greater community of Hillsboro, Oregon, are opened every time for visitors who desire to spend quality time with their loved ones. Why we are more than just another Hillsboro elderly residential care community is better experienced than imagined. Take a day off and come have a firsthand experience of what this feels like.

Harmony’s Owner and Administrator

Lucy Gallarde graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Social Work in 1981 and with the assistance of her spouse, they bought Harmony home in 1993. At the time, they had a total of 16 residents and 4 caregivers.

Since then, Harmony Guest Home has grown over the years to become a care facility with a level of care for the elderly that is second to none and today; we have 62 residents and 48 staff. With a burning desire for helping the elderly, she envisioned a tranquil environment where care for older adults with Alzheimer, dementia as well as seniors with other physical and psychological needs could be achieved.

This vision gave birth to Harmony Home, and with a burning desire, she assisted in building a team of medical professionals and well-trained staff that set the standards of comfortable living