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Social Groups For Elderly | Loneliness Is Not An Option

Staying socially active after retirement…

The good thing about retirement is that you have plenty of spare time to spend doing the activities you love the most. Moreover, you have the chance to meet new people and acquaintances through social groups for elderly. With joining like-minded people in your community, your social life will be more active. This not only leads to a more fun and livelier lifestyle but to a healthier existence as well.

social groups for elderly - Harmony Guest Home
Preventing isolation is a must for all seniors. 

Loneliness and isolation can do no good to anyone. Even if we reach our senior years, we must know that having an active social life is beneficial to one’s mental and physical wellbeing. Here are some of the social groups for elderly you might want to look into in order to maintain a good senior lifestyle.

Health Clubs
This group aims to give seniors without gym access the opportunity to take workout classes and socialize with fellow senior health enthusiasts.

Learning-in-retirement Groups
Retirees can enjoy programs for mental stimulation funded by local colleges and the likes. Here, they not only help seniors keep a healthy mind but also to gain a whole network of friends.

Local Senior Centers
These centers typically offer lectures and classes for seniors in your community.

Volunteering Programs
There are several medical, political or civic groups that are looking for volunteers, preferably seniors, to participate in their social projects. Here, you can join an activity for a cause while meeting new people at the same time.

Formed Groups Based on Interests
Seniors in communities often form groups that share similar interests such as book and film reviews, gardening, sewing, bowling and many more. Here, they usually hold frequent meet ups to discuss and do their common fascinations.

A dynamic retirement place for you…

Retirement facilities such as Harmony Guest Home has a wide range of organized activities for seniors which boost social interaction in a fun and active way. This is one good way for you to experience being a part of social groups for elderly that aims to battle isolation in seniors. Retirement should never be a gloomy phase of our lives. Rather, it should be one of the most cherished life stages. Harmony Guest Home is a residential care community for seniors in Hillsboro that has been caring for Oregonians since 1993. Come and visit our facility to get to know more about our services and staff. You can also talk to us through 503-648-3413 and info@harmonyguesthome.com.

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