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It can be difficult to move into a residential care community.

As seniors undergo the process of aging, it can be a tough decision to live away from home. And as for the family members, it may feel uneasy to let them go and live a different life in places that offer senior living services. But no matter how hard it may seem; both the senior and their family must accept that this will be for the better. Seniors must have the opportunity to live a more comfortable life. Furthermore, the members of the family will have the assurance that their aging loved one is in good hands without having themselves torn between looking after their elderly and their personal lives.

Seniors deserve a quality life. senior living services - Harmony Guest Home

Senior living services are being offered nationwide not because the elderly needs to be isolated, rather, it is because they need a much more active environment suited for them. There are numerous things that a residential care facility offers that might not be provided at home. Examples are several senior social activities such as yoga, gardening courses, cooking lessons, light work outs, fun parties, games for seniors and religious programs. There also great amenities in senior communities like licensed directed care, complete pharmaceutical services, 24/7 senior assistance, medication management and administration, daily house keeping and meal preparations.

Your aging loved ones are worthy of all the pleasure they can get.

At Harmony Guest Home, we offer all the social activities and amenities for seniors mentioned above. It is a way of providing seniors a maintenance-free lifestyle while having more time to socialize with others. With our senior living services, they are encouraged to achieve physical fitness and an active lifestyle within a safe and harmonious environment.

A brand-new chapter…

Aging is not the end of life, rather, it is just a new chapter. In this phase, elderlies are guided on how to enjoy senior life while aging healthily. Aging shouldn’t be a sad and isolated life chapter but a beautiful episode where your loved one reminisces all the youthful memories, good and bad, while still having the feeling of fulfillment in present time. Aging does not have to be depressing. On the contrary, it has to be a phase that uplifts the senior spirit, a brand-new outlook to continue living a wonderful life despite all the challenges of reaching their senior years.

Comfortability and Relaxation

Comfortability and relaxation are two of the most important things a senior quality life must have. Therefore, your aging loved one deserves a hassle-free home where assistance is within their reach 24/7.

If you’re searching for places with senior care services, we got your back. Harmony Guest Home is a residential care community for seniors in Hillsboro, Oregon with Memory Care Endorsement that has been caring for Oregonians since 1993. Come and visit our facility to get to know more about our services and staff. You can also talk to us through 503-648-3413 and

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