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Retirement Communities | What Are Your Options?

The big decision…

When a family member reaches their senior years, you and your aging loved one should decide on how to maintain a quality of life for them. This will be an ultimate decision to make as it will surely affect your (and the elderly’s) wellbeing, finances and longevity. Let us give you an overview of what will it be like to be in different retirement communities available to your aging loved ones.

Independent Living retirement communities - harmony guest home

Independent living facilities are for elders who are not in need of assistance with daily routine activities. They usually consist of private apartments (studios up to two bedrooms) which typically includes certain services such as prepared meals, housekeeping and transportation. Here, seniors are exposed to fellow elders encouraging greater social interaction. Some independent living communities include social activities and outings to their senior services list.

Assisted Living / Residential Care

One of the most common retirement communities is assisted living. This is the middle-type as it is suited for seniors who do not need top level senior care provided by nursing homes, but do need some assistance with their daily routine activities (i.e. bathing, eating, changing clothes, toileting). Most residential care also offer medication refilling and reminders. One good thing about this is that most of them has a secured memory care unit for elders who are beginning to develop cognitive impairment such as Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

Nursing Homes

Here, seniors get high level of care — next thing closest to the care they get from hospitals. If your loved one needs thorough and extensive medical care, a nursing home is the best choice. However, several nursing homes tend to have a not-so-good reputation for senior abuse, but not all. If you are looking for nursing homes, the U.S News and World Report might be a helpful site for you as they have the ratings of nearly 16,000 nursing homes nationwide.

Trusted since 1993…

If you’re searching for an ideal senior place, we got your back. Harmony Guest Home is a residential care community for seniors in Hillsboro, Oregon with Memory Care Endorsement that has been caring for Oregonians since 1993. Come and visit our facility to get to know more about our services and staff. You can also talk to us through 503-648-3413 and

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