fire prevention tips for seniors

Summer Fire Prevention Tips | Seniors’ Safety

Yes, summer is always fun however…

Summertime is also one of the most dangerous seasons for fire-related injuries and deaths. Fortunately, there are fire prevention tips everyone can use in order to stay safe even in the hottest months of the year. Fire incidents can happen to anyone and according to the U.S. Fire Administration, people ages 50-54 have the highest fire injury rate (63.0). And as for fire death rate, people ages 85 or older have the highest rate (39.5).

Why do older adults/seniors have higher risk of being injured or killed by a fire?

It is for the reason that as people age, their reaction time to fire incidents are much slower compared to when they were young and active. Hearing loss and blurred vision are top causes why seniors remain unaware of a situation until there is little time left to react. Another contributor is impaired cognition which can result to unattended fires in the kitchen or even during cooking done outdoors.

fire prevention tips for seniors
Basic Fire Prevention Tips 

Install smoke detectors.
Have this positioned on every level of the house and have it checked regularly as no one knows when a fire incident may happen.

Plan escape routes.
Make sure that there are emergency escape paths at home. See to it that seniors are very much familiarized with these routes if ever fire occurs.

Keep a close eye in cooking food.
The kitchen is one of the main sources of fire accidents. Never leave cooking food unattended.

Seniors’ Safety First

Summer season may be one of the busiest times of the year when families and friends gather often. However, we should always pay attention to elders’ safety as they are much prone to fire injuries. In fact, older skin heals at a much slower rate than younger skin. It would take an older adult four times longer to heal from a burn that it would a younger person. This is the main reason why following these fire prevention tips is very much needed.

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