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What is Geriatric Care? Geriatric Care - Harmony Guest Home, Oregon

It pertains to a holistic, client-centered approach of caring for older adults. As the body ages over time and use, it needs special care and attention. In geriatric care, assessments are done in order to determine specific needs of an aging adult.

Geriatric Assessment

This usually includes:

Complete physical
Comprehensive medical history
Record of medications
Analysis of pain levels
Cognitive testing
Screening for osteoporosis
Vision and hearing tests
Dental exam


Who needs geriatric care?

As a primary caregiver to your aging loved one, you are probably dealing with multiple doctors, tests and prescription drugs. Due to this, providing geriatric care is a good thing to do. Since it is a holistic care rendered to aging adults, it covers almost all aspects of aging care.

Aging adults may need Geriatric Care if he/she:

has multiple medical or psychological issues
has limited or no family support
is unable to live safely in their current environment

Benefits of Geriatric Care

Getting old may not be as pleasant as we might want it to be. But there are things we could do to cope with it the better way. Since old age is a sensitive phase, we should see geriatric care as a service given to aging adults that provides them with improved overall quality of life and reduced risk of hospitalization. Furthermore, it enables independent living for as long as possible.

Focused and personalized service
Around the clock quality care
Coordinated continuity of care (stable communication between doctors and other service providers

Need help?

Harmony Guest Home has been providing quality care to seniors since 1993. Situated at the heart of Hillsboro, OR, it has been a great place for aging adults to live a healthy and gleeful lifestyle. Our aim is to ensure seniors’ quality of life and maintain a harmonious and safe environment for each of our residents. For inquiries, you can call 503-928-6937 or email

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