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Holiday Gift Ideas For A Loved One With Dementia

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

The holiday season is here and everyone deserves wonderful time and presents, especially your loved one with memory loss.

Even though our loved ones with dementia seem to be having difficulty in their daily life, you can still make this holiday season a special time for them. Apart from spending quality time, another way is through giving them meaningful holiday presents. But thinking of gift ideas isn’t always that easy.

Here’s a list of meaningful holiday gift ideas for people with dementia: holiday gifts for seniors

Clothes for comfort
Seniors with dementia have difficulty with coordination. They often need someone to assist them with simple daily routine such as getting dressed. A nice gift would be comfortable clothing that looks good and easy to get on and off. Avoiding zippered/buttoned clothes is a good example.

There’s no doubt that music delivers good vibes and uplifted moods. This true even to your loved ones with memory loss. Take time to find CDs that has songs they like or load a playlist of their favorite artists on an iPod. This will make a wonderful present that could soothe agitation and memory impairment.

Mind-stimulating Toys
One way of slowing the progression of dementia is through keeping the brains active. This means giving your loved ones with dementia appropriate toys can help them exercise their minds while having fun at the same time. Large piece puzzles and poker chips (they can sort this by colors) are good examples.

Painting Tools
Art therapy can be very helpful for seniors with dementia. This can help with their communication skills and is a form of leisure as well. A basic painting set could be a nice gift for this holiday season.


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