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Fact: Most seniors resist “senior care home”.

Moving into a senior care home is a difficult situation most especially when you fear being transferred to a place that’s new to you. It is a delicate process, however a little learning about the awesome senior care home options available today and touring the communities can definitely help your family and you, as a senior, to find the best options for your particular needs.


“Effective care” means “health and happiness”. Senior Care Home

Your family members may give you all the things you need and even provide the most expensive care options but what really matters is the level of your quality health and happiness.

As we age, our social options change. This means that home care is no longer that fulfilling. As a senior, you may feel the urge to come out and be part of certain activities where you feel more independent and free. At senior care home, you will have the ability to join meaningful leisure activities provided by the community. These activities are suited to seniors who need more socialization and help with daily needs than the family can provide at home.


Senior Care Home maintains senior’s quality of life.

Here are some of the wonderful programs offered by Harmony Guest Home:

• Physical Fitness
This is suited specifically for elders. Light exercises are done to promote relaxation. Activities such as dancing and yoga reduce stress and risk of dementia.

• Social Activities
Here, you will never feel isolated most especially if you live alone. Senior care home offers socialization through planned activities such as field trips, dancing and cultural events. Others are cooking lessons, bingo, gardening, aromatherapy and book club.

• Safe and Harmonious Environment
Senior care home is specifically designed for senior’s mobility while providing expert care and medical attention if needed.
• Hassle-free Housekeeping
It can be a stressful job for both the family members and the elderly loved one to keep up with house chores. In senior care home, housekeeping services are available.

• Assistance with Daily Living
Help is always available within the community. This includes assistance in daily routines such as bathing, dressing and eating and at the same time allowing them to be independent as much as they can. Harmony Guest Home also has a beauty parlor with beautician on call for overall grooming and beauty rituals.


Oh, What a Wonderful World….

Being a senior, your family just wants the best for you. Oftentimes, your personal desire to live with them at home might overlap the best options to upgrade your quality of life and satisfaction. We all know that nothing can compare to the times you spend with your family. On the other hand, you as a senior may feel left behind when reality strikes — your family has school, work and life obligations.

There is more for you than staying at home and being isolated. Your golden years are too precious so it is recommended that you spend them wisely — live happily.


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