What is Residential Care Home?

Finding the best home for your aging loved one is not a simple task, it involves lots of researching and planning to understand things and to know what type of senior care home will work best for them. We know the feeling…

Let us help you understand what a residential care home is… 

Residential Care home offers assistance with personal care or medical needs for your aging loved one. Homes are normally state licensed and must meet care and safety standards set by the state.

What residential care home provides?

Residential Care home has private or semi private rooms for it’s residents safety and privacy plus daily house keeping service.

Residential Care home provides care and assistance for seniors who are unable to live by themselves but do not need 24 hour nursing care. They have trained staff members available around the clock to assist on daily activities including dressing, bathing, laundry, taking medications and providing seniors with well-balanced meals.

There’s more…

Let’s not forget about senior’s social life. Social interactions are vital to senior’s health.  Are there activities or events? YES, inside residential care homes there are programs and activities that help build relationships among seniors and staff. Some of the activities are dancing and singing with live bands – time to showcase their talents! There’s gardening, book club and bingo too.

You might ask…

How to determine when it’s time to live in a Residential Care home?

Your aging loved one may give you some warning signs, but note that it varies from one senior to another. Some indications maybe worsening mobility, failing to look after personal care or problems with household care. You can check more on this link: https://harmonyguesthome.com/residential-care/residential-care-home/

Now, are you considering Residential Care home for your loved one?

Come and Take a tour at a residential care home in the heart of Hillsboro, Oregon – Harmony Guest Home, we will be glad to take care of your loved one.

Trust us. It’ll all be worth it.

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