Harmony Residential Care Program Highlights provide recreational programs as well activities to improve social functioning and encourage increased independence among seniors. We know seniors in home care needs to do certain activities for healthy body and mind. We tailor our activities to our individual resident or to the group, always taking into consideration interests, needs and capabilities.

harmony residential care program highlights

Harmony Residential Care Program Highlights:

In-house podiatry – Foot problems are common to our senior loved ones.  At Harmony, we wanted to make sure that this will be taken cared of so we have in-house podiatry to look over their foot care needs to help with their mobility and safety.
In-house psychiatry care – Harmony is a residential care community with memory care endorsement.  We have a psychiatrist that comes to our assisted living facility that will assist our residents with their behavioral and mental health issues to improve their quality of life.
In-house doctor visits – No more calling to schedule appointments and long wait to be attended by a doctor.  Having in-house doctor can also reduce hospital visits for common health issues and this may relieve our loved ones from anxiety. Most of our residents have their primary care doctor that comes to our facility.
Complete pharmaceutical services – We take care of our resident’s pharmaceutical needs from picking up medicines from pharmacy to assisting them in taking it on time according to their needs.  We don’t want to stress them thinking on what medications to take.
Beauty parlor with beautician on call – Looking good and feeling good gives positive mood so its time to relax and be beautiful! Harmony Guest Home has a beauty parlor with beautician on call that will assist with our elders grooming and beauty rituals.
Specialized activity program – We have several activities for seniors designed not just to improve their health but make their life inside Harmony fun!  Activities still depends on their needs, abilities and interests.
Religious services –   Seniors who participate in religious services have positive attitude towards life.  It also improves their interaction with others especially their family.  We believe that seniors need not only physical and mental health but spiritual health as well because they are all connected.

Working closely with each individual’s primary care physician – At Harmony, we treat each resident as our own family.  As a family member, we ensure that we are on top of their physical and mental health needs and improvement, reason why we are working closely with their primary care physicians.

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