What is Memory Care ?

Of the estimated 5.5 million Americans living with Alzheimer’s dementia in 2017 (figure based on Alzheimer’s Association), you might have a loved one that has it. You may have questions  like “ What is memory care ?” and “Does my loved one need it? ’’What is memory care ?

Memory Care is a specialized care given to those with varying levels of memory impairment (dementia & Alzheimer’s disease). In a memory care facility, they are being provided a structured environment with scheduled routines. Here, safety is on top priority together with stimulating activities that preserve and improve the memory. You love one needs memory care if he/she has a worsened memory loss and behavior changes. When a typical home care is no longer working for him/her, transferring a loved one to a memory care facility could be the best help you can provide.

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Persons with memory loss have unique needs based on the level of dementia/Alzheimer’s disease they have. In memory care, your loved one will be assessed thoroughly to make sure that he/she will have the optimum care tailored specifically for his/her needs.


Your loved one deserves top-level care.

Memory care residents have access to a variety of programs and services to rebuild quality of life. Daily routines are assisted by professional caregivers to ensure that they are given a person-centered approach.

Remember:What is memory care ? quality of life

The main goal of memory care is to establish a “sense of purpose and meaning” to seniors despite their memory loss. Maintaining the quality of life is attainable through efficient memory care techniques provided within a memory care facility.

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