Memory Care Activities

Memory Care Activities are important for people with dementia or memory problems are behaviorally challenged and this might be because of medications they take, boredom, depression or lack of social interaction but whatever reason that might be, they still need to feel that they are worthy and should have good quality of life. 

Some may be aggressive, depressed, suspicious, repetitive and it is difficult for them to engage with others even with their family members.  Most of them just wants to be alone but we need not to put them on isolation, we need to help them interact with others. 

How are we going to do this?

For the everyday mood changes they face, we need to help them be busy and overcome it. 

memory care activities

Let them do some activities. 

But what are those activities they can do?

Lets start of with making sure they are active and involved with day-to-day tasks, that might be chores like fixing bed, folding laundry, wiping furniture and sweeping floor as long as its safe and will not cause them harm – that’s good!

Activities for people with dementia can be some of those they enjoyed in the past and this can be their present interest so let them remember with pleasure.   Our loved one who’s a great dancer in her young age may still enjoy doing it.

A memory care facility like Harmony Guest Home, activities like gardening, dancing, reading books, cooking lessons and Bingo games are just some of the activities being offered to help them improve their health while enjoying.

How can all these activities be beneficial to them?

Having people with dementia or memory loss do different activities will:

  • help improve their physical and mental health
  • let them express how they feel that may lessen depression and anxiety
  • build relationships
  • give them relaxation

And this will all sum up to GOOD QUALITY OF LIFE.

Keep in mind:

Memory care activities should still depends on your loved ones physical capabilities and interest. 

Let their activities be SAFE and FUN!

To give information on activities we do at Harmony Guest Home, call us (503) 648-3413 or email