A loved one in need of dementia care for seniors?


We understand that you want to learn things in providing dementia care for seniors. Taking care of someone with Harmony-guest-home-dementia-caredementia or other memory problems is NOT an easy task. Family caregivers at home may suffer from tremendous mental stress and physical burnout.


Let me start by letting you know that…


It is not your fault. You didn’t make this happen. Though dementia is not a normal part of ageing, statistics show that it is becoming a common disease amongst seniors. As a matter of fact, there are 9.9 million new cases recorded every year.

The estimated proportion of the general population aged 60 and over with dementia at a given time is between 5 to 8 per 100 people according to the World Health Organization.


You have to make a choice.

  1. The first option is to have your loved one stay at home since dementia care for seniors can be done by family caregivers. (Note: This is not advisable for seniors with moderate to severe dementia.)
  2. The second option is to find a trusted memory care facility that can provide 24/7 specialized quality care to your loved one.


Tips on dementia care for seniors at home:

Know the disease. The sad truth about dementia is that it progresses from mild to severe stage most especially if appropriate care is NOT being met.

Set routines and schedules. Invest your time as much as possible and guide them through everyday tasks to eliminate confusion and frustration for your loved one.

Be adjusted to their mood swings and personality changes. Dementia is responsible for the deterioration of their thought process and this disease takes over their emotions when it worsens.

Take care of yourself too! As a family caregiver, you will need adequate rest periods while having a stable mindset of your responsibility at the same time. On your free time, be sure to join local or online caregiver support groups, this will help you lessen the “caregiver burnout”.

Note: “Caregiver burnout” refers to a state of physical, emotional, and mental exhaustion that may be accompanied by a change in attitude — from positive and caring to negative and unconcerned. – WebMD


Your loved one inside a memory care facility will have…

Safe and secured environment. People with dementia tend to wander most of the time. Safety measures inside a memory care facility is designed to give enough freedom while ensuring the safety of your loved one.


Specialized quality care. Your loved one has special needs depending on their level of dementia. Memory care facilities provide dementia care for seniors tailored to their specific needs. Several cognitive assessments are done in order to diagnose the level of dementia each and every resident has.

Around-the-clock assistance. Your loved one will be taken care of 24/7. Daily routines such as bathing, eating, walking, etc. will be assisted by highly trained caregivers.

Memory care activities and programs. These are functional exercises and tasks designed to help your loved one with dementia be active despite memory loss. These clinically approved activities are proven to slow down dementia progression.

Highly-trained caregivers. These people are skilled companions for your loved one. They are competent in delivering dementia care to seniors. Their task is to look after your loved one with their qualified care techniques.

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