Exercise and Dementia | Get Moving!

It’s time get pumped up!

There is increasing evidence that physical activity supports healthy aging. It is known that exercise is good for the body and several clinical findings suggest that it may also have beneficial effects on cognition among aging individuals.

Better Brain Function

When exercise improves blood circulation, blood is more capable of delivering essential nutrients and oxygen to all organs and cells in the body including the brain. Several new researches also suggest that exercise may slow the onset and progression of dementia and can actually reverse brain cell degradation associated with aging.

Moderate Cardio Exercise – Move To The Groove!

Increased strength and flexibility can be attained by doing simple cardio exercises like brisk walking, cycling in place and dancing. Exercise reduces the inflammation in your body which plays a role in many chronic health conditions including dementia, diabetes and heart disease.

Simple Exercise Yields Energy and Fun

Aging people who exercises are more likely to have boosted energy level and stamina. As we age, stress and depression seem to overtake on our moods. On people with cognitive impairment/memory loss/dementia, exercise may help in dealing with stress & mood swings and break negative thought patterns. Furthermore, exercise can be more fun when done with peers. Social interaction & exercise is a good combo in keeping your brain and body in good health.

[Exercise and Dementia]

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