Benefits of living in Residential Care Facility

We understand…

Taking care of your aging loved one is a challenging work and sometimes you may think that it is more than your capacity, you need to balance between caring for your loved one and caring of your own needs.

Considering a residential care facility but you want to know more what’s in it for them?

Searching care options for your loved one can be overwhelming and it might be tough to decide what will be the best route to go with or if it is indeed the best option to choose.

Here are some benefits that your loved one can have at a Residential Care Facility:

Safety and Comfort by providing daily assistance. As we aged, some may find themselves losing mobility and requires help with day to day activities. The key benefit of a residential care facility is to provide assistance to your loved one in meeting daily needs in a safe and comfortable environment. There are amenities that are designed to fulfill the needs for the well-being of residents. At a residential care facility, staff members who have acquired proper training is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist on daily activities including dressing, bathing, laundry, taking medications and providing them well-balanced meals.

Improves social life. Seniors who live alone often experience social isolation and this may lead to poor health. And of course, we don’t want our loved one to feel alone and be depressed, right? Social interaction as we aged work wonders with overall health and emotional well-being. In a residential care facility, there are various activities like dancing, gardening, yoga , book club and bingo that can help your loved one communicate with other seniors and build relationships.

Peace of mind. Not just peace of mind for your loved one but to you too.

You don’t have to worry about your loved one’s safety and feel the guilt if some of his/her needs are not all taken cared of because you know that someone with a lot of experience and proper training will be there around the clock to assist with daily needs.

Our goal:

Provide safe, comfortable, fun and healthy environment to senior residents – this is what Harmony Guest Home is known for. With all these in a residential care facility, we believe that your loved one will have quality of life he/she deserves.

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