Art Therapy & Dementia

Art therapy is good for the brain.

A powerful tool in treating dementia is art therapy. It’s a way of stimulating the brain either by just looking at artistic images or by painting the art itself. When people with dementia paints, it keeps them busy and relaxed at the same time.

Art projects can create a sense of accomplishment and purpose [Alzheimer’s Association]. Art therapy can help dementia patients who are struggling to speak since it is a form of expression and also a medium of communication. Dementia patients who struggle to speak can express themselves thru art therapy hence lessening their aggressive behavior. Communicating thru paintbrush is really a huge help most especially if someone with dementia is literally lost for words.

Art awakens the mind.

Stirring dormant memories is beneficial on dementia care. This is commonly called “walk to memory lane” where seniors are guided to reminisce good old memories that they can possibly remember. Art therapy is a way to awaken the patients in cognitive decline. Doing art therapy with fellow seniors also promotes social connection and lesser isolation tendencies.

Are you doing art sessions with your loved ones with dementia?

Art therapy is a part of Harmony Guest Home’s stimulating activities which bring their residents to a better state of mind. Seniors are being able to express themselves in a way where we can see through their eyes and the works of their hands.

Yes, art therapy won’t take away the medical condition, but it can drive the mind to a new and functioning phase.

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