Aging Mom and Dad — Are They Safe At Home?

Special occasions such as holidays, anniversaries and birthdays are perfect times to come and visit family members. These also give us the opportunity to check on the well-being of our elderly loved ones, most especially our aging mom and dad.

When aging Mom and Dad needs help…

It is probably true that you and your siblings have been concerned for a while now on how to tell if your aging parents already need help. We, at Harmony Guest Home, had prepared a list of 10 signs that it might be time to step in to help your aging parents.

  1. Mom/Dad wears the same used clothes between visits.
  2. Mom/Dad is not bathing or grooming properly. Untidy physical appearance is noticeable; body odor seems to build up.
  3. Mom/Dad trips or falls more often than usual and refuses walking devices such as canes.
  4. The house is not clean and garbage is piling up.
  5. Bills are not paid on time.
  6. Mom/Dad misses his daily medications.
  7. Mom/Dad is losing weight or is not following their prescribed diet.
  8. Mom/Dad now has difficulty managing simple home appliances such as  stoves, heater, vacuum, etc. (these appliances may cause harm if not used correctly).
  9. Mom/Dad doesn’t know how to use phone/call buttons for emergency purposes.
  10. Mom/Dad is now forgetful; does not even remember some of his/her personal details.

All these could indicate that your aging Mom and Dad may be in need of further attention and care.


Decades of Experience…

Experts on caring for seniors like Harmony Guest Home [since 1993] can help you identify the needs of your aging loved ones. We treat our residents as family. Come and take a tour. Visit/Call us at (503) 648-3413 – 351 Southeast 5th Avenue, Hillsboro, OR 97123.


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